Safe Encounters: Relationship Tip

"You are so critical and hyper!"

"You are so withdrawn and unsupportive!"

We all tend to be experts on what is wrong with our partners. Certainly, this level of awareness is an important starting point when considering our troubled relationships. Yet, such criticisms are not conducive to healthy connecting.  Read more »

Virtual Connections: Relationship Tip of the Month

Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are excellent instruments to establish connection. Yet they can be a source of disconnect and rupture for committed relationships, because they offer an opportunity to reconnect with old infatuations. Social networking may make it easy to meet people with similar interests, particularly when you are feeling disconnected from your partner. Virtual connections often eradicate inhibitions, allowing online relationships to develop faster and deeper than face-to-face bonds.  Read more »

Spotlight on Lena Aburdene, MS

Lena Aburdene can be a little impatient with the slow pace of the therapeutic process. As a new counselor at PC&CC/The Imago Center, she admits that her strong desire to help others causes her to want to help solve problems right away. "Sometimes that's just not possible," she explains. "Counseling can be a long journey and sometimes there is tremendous value in just being present and accepting the process for what it is."  Read more »

Sensory Processing Disorder: Referral Corner

Does the sound of fingernails on a blackboard make you shudder? Imagine if other experiences gave you the same feeling – bright lights, a scratchy shirt tag, the feeling of a fan blowing on your face. For those with Sensory Processing Disorders (SPDs), everyday sensations can be difficult to manage. Individuals with an SPD might have trouble understanding, processing and reacting to information received from their senses. These individuals often feel their senses are unreliable or inconsistent, making basic tasks such as dressing and walking difficult.  Read more »

Managing Group Diversity: Communologue Training

Are you a supervisor, leader, or teacher looking for a more conscious way to facilitate groups? Do you want to learn a dynamic way of improving your consulting abilities? The Imago-based Communologue process may be just what you’re looking for.

PC&CC/The Imago Center is sponsoring a two-day Communologue training with world-renowned Imago therapist Orli Wahrman next month. Communologue is a powerful tool for applying Imago Relationship principles in a group context. Rebecca Sears (pictured at right, with Wahrman) is a strong believer in the Communologue process.  Read more »

Young Professional Group: Referral Corner

I’ve been co-leading a group for young adults struggling with quarterlife crises for over two years now. With time I’ve become more sure in my belief that young professionals today face issues that previous generations did not face at a similar age. Young adults today are marrying later, living at home longer, making less money, and are less likely to be established in a meaningful job.  Read more »

Is She Black or White?

When my daughter was a newborn I was in a store when a girl about 7 years old looked at her, looked at me, and asked, “Is this baby yours?”

Her mother looked terrified and held her hand as if to say, “Please let’s go, and how could you ask this question?” But the girl proceeded, “But she is white!”  Read more »

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Referral Corner

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has received more media attention lately with the return of soldiers from Afghanistan and Iraq. PTSD is an anxiety disorder resulting from an experience of or exposure to traumatic events such as combat, car accidents, physical or sexual abuse, assaults and other dangerous situations which threaten death or serious injury. People suffering from PTSD have symptoms that include:  Read more »

Out of the Routine: Relationship Tip of the Month

In my own life, and in the relationships I observe with couples in treatment, I’m struck by how seemingly stuck we can get in our routines. Overall, routines do make a lot of sense. But they can get in the way of spontaneity and change. Sometimes, couples want to start their session by sharing with me something that went well for them in the previous week. Most of the time these “successes” of connection, fun, or happiness result from having done something out of the ordinary or unexpected. In many ways, we can’t expect different results if we’re continually doing the same things.  Read more »

Training Days: You Can Be an Educator

The exciting idea that “Imago is for Everyone” becomes truer every day with the growth of the Imago Relationships International (IRI) Educator program. And, we were lucky enough to have the 4th-ever Imago-Certified Community Educator Training here in Takoma Park last November – Rebecca Sears and Shelly Webb co-taught the four day Training event to participants from Texas, Florida, Virginia, and Maryland.

And, before you read further…consider this: YOU could be and Imago Educator!  Read more »