In The Company of Men: Men’s Groups

In The Company of Men: Men’s Groups

I have found in my personal life as a men’s group participant as well as from working with men for over 20+ years that men, when in the company of men, are actually able to be vulnerable, honest, and express their feelings in a deeper way that doesn’t happen as easily when women are present.  Of course, this doesn’t happen in just any context but it does happen in a safe environment where there is trust and judgments aren’t expressed. I’ve often wondered why this is the case because even in a mixed gender group therapy context, where there is this kind of safe environment, men seem to have a harder time being vulnerable and expressing their feelings. But it does suggest to me that there is a vital role for men’s groups in fostering men’s ongoing emotional and spiritual development. I’m eager to hear from others about this.

I’m starting an Imago Men’s Group with my colleague Nathan Gehlert on February 1. You can learn more here.

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  • Don

    We have two boys. When Mom is present, there is competition for her attention. We all have this deep need to be noticed – and affirmed – by Mom. Could this create an environment of emotional competition among men? Add to this mix the dynamics of ego and sexuality, the demands of self awareness in the midst of group dynamics are formiable. A single sex group eliminates one of these powerful forces – perhaps the most powerful one – creating a simpler playground.

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