Being Transparent

I just read a website article about handling your two year-old’s Big Emotions.  Not surprisingly, the article caught my eye because I have a two year-old who is definitely experiencing some big emotions right now!  The article notes “you seldom have to guess about a two year-old’s emotional state” and “because they live in the moment, their feelings are especially transparent.”

I found myself wondering if we might all be better off if we were better at sharing our emotional states. Clearly, we don’t want to over-react like two year-olds might do, nor do we need to share every thought, feeling and impulse. However, I suspect many of us make our intimate partners guess what we are feeling a bit too often. I know I do sometimes!

Being authentic and truly in the moment with another person requires us to be present, and to be honest about our feelings. How transparent are you being in your relationships?