Divorce Insurance…Really

A new Washington Post article details the latest money-saving opportunity: divorce insurance. In a time in which our nation’s financial anxiety is racheting out of control, a new company is set to offer the ultimate in self-protection. Apparently, prenuptial agreements have been on the rise in the last five years, with even middle-income couples opting to protect themselves. But divorce insurance is a newer concept, where couples can buy policies to offset the costs of moving, childcare, buying a new home, and counseling.

Divorce insurance may be a controversial concept (could paying and planning for the end make it inevitable?), but it makes sense for couples to be realistic about the chances of running into difficulty during the course of any marriage. As a couples counselor, I obviously would advocate additional preventative measures, like premarital counseling, honest conversation about marriage goals, and regular tune-ups that can include reading a book, taking a class, or attending a retreat together. Our Start Right, Stay Connected and Getting the Love You Want workshops are good options – and they don’t require a monthly premium.