Family & Child Therapy

The PC&CC/The Imago Center in Washington DC provides connective, supportive classes to help children and parents interact, communicate and grow together. Imago Therapy classes focus on constructive solutions to hurtles in children’s and adolescent’s development, and gives parents strategies for addressing these challenges. Parents learn to understand their child’s unique emotional expression and translate it into supportive parenting roles.

For young children, imaginative and constructive play is an important device towards active mental, social and emotional development. Therapists utilize this medium to develop and understand emotional control in young children, build confidence, self-awareness and social interactions between peers. For adolescents, transition into young adulthood and bearing increased levels of responsibility becomes an important role, and counseling practices are adapted to suit the youth’s needs. Preteens and teenagers can discuss their relationships and confrontations openly or engage in therapeutic expressive mediums as a creative, cathartic outlet.

Family therapy is best utilized when involving all members of the family unit, though individual sessions for children and adolescents are available. Call today for more information on Washington DC child and family therapy.