Group Therapy

Group Therapy

Share your experiences and relate to others who understand your situation. Group therapy sessions and support groups are available to individuals grappling with personal, professional and interpersonal obstacles. Explore your concerns with others. Engage with a supportive network to help you conquer your barriers.

Find the Group for You

The PC&CC/The Imago Center of Washington DC offers group therapy sessions in Washington DC and Maryland. Groups provide an encouraging, safe environment in which members communicate and share. Participants get feedback from others and gain a new perspective. Group members utilize a supportive network to move forward. For more information on group therapy and finding a support groups contact us.

Current Group Therapy & Support Groups

Imago Men’s Group

There’s a good chance that your life as a man isn’t what you’d like it to be. This experience will enrich your life in the ways that are most important to you. Through connection with other men, the Imago Men’s Group help you develop a more rewarding relational life and make positive change stick.

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Polyvagal Practice Group

Meet weekly to build a skills-based practice in regulating your fight/flight and shutdown response to situations, relationships and internal chatter. Learn more.

Exploring Sexuality for Teens

Meet with a facilitator in a safe and affirming space to discuss and learn more about sexuality in your teen years.

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Exploring Sexuality with 18-24 yr olds

Talk about sexual consent and assertiveness training, sexual decision making, sexual orientation, and gender identity, examining sexual scripts, healthy relationship skills, reframing sexuality and disability, and sex positivity.

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Women in the 2nd Chapter of Life

Women in search of making meaning as they navigate the milestones of their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s benefit from the wisdom of the group, the collective practice of being seen through peers who will be candid, caring, and curious.   Learn more.

Women in the 3rd Chapter of Life

Women looking at the changes that take place physically, mentally, emotionally, socially as we move into the later life decades benefit from meeting, connecting, talking, and exploring choices, patterns, hopes, and fears.

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Women’s Sexuality in the 3rd Chapter

The group provides a platform for psycho-education, sexual education, personal growth, self-reflection, and interpersonal exploration.  Commit to the ongoing process, even when discussions feel challenging, awkward, or invasive is an investment in self-knowledge.

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