Immigrant Women’s Group

Women who identify as any or all of the following may be interested in a psychodynamic group therapy experience:

According to the Institute of Women’s Policy and Research center, 21 million female immigrants live in the United States. No matter what type of immigration status we have or which nationality we came from, we choose this path for our dreams, hopes for future and to be with husbands and wives, kids or for a better self and better life.

Like other women in the world, immigrant women make enormous sacrifices for their lives and families. Each has a unique story in this journey and each of them faces struggles usually borne alone and in silence. Coming from completely different cultures, beliefs, norms, adaptations would play a tremendous effect on how to deal with struggles as an immigrant woman wherever we go in the world.

Challenges with language, finding a job or maintaining the job, learning law enforcement, understanding and embracing cultural differences, especially differences with one’s husband’s or partner’s relatives, colleagues, friends, neighbors, and kid’s school is huge! While we are trying to survive, most of us don’t realize that our nation, our new home has much to offer, many opportunities and possibilities to connect instead of isolate. None of us need to go through these obstacles alone.

If you or someone you know is faced with any of these challenges or other hurdles in acclimating to life as an immigrant, consider joining a support group of women walking in your shoes.

Through the confidential group experience, you will be encouraged to explore who you are and who you hope to be as immigrant women. While participating in the group and discussing your concerns, you will recognize yourself in others, identify areas for change and growth, and be supported by group members. You will explore your mind, body, and spirit, including myths about women and stereotypes. Using the dynamic of the group and self-reflection you will set off on a journey of self-knowledge and discovery. During the group, you will learn ways to communicate with others, to identify your feelings and recognize behaviors that emerge. You will validate and empathize with group members while being seen and heard as your authentic self. Given time, grace and a willingness to be playful, the group will develop its identity.

Stepping onto a brand-new path is difficult, but not more difficult than remaining in a situation, which is not nurturing to the whole woman.– Maya Angelou

Group Forming Now

8-10 female members desired

A minimum commitment to 6 months is requested.

Contact Ayse Zelley MSHA, for more information using the form below or call 301-520-5662