Kelly D. Brown, PhD., LCPC

Kelly D. Brown takes a caring and compassionate approach to therapy, believing that every person’s experience is unique, and committing to addressing their specific needs through the client-therapist relationship.

  • Faith/Spirituality. Kelly believes faith and spirituality often inform clients’ thoughts and decisions. They also provide supportive foundational groundwork from which individuals can move toward positive life change.
  • Goals. Trained in the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) model, Kelly can assist clients with setting personal goals, developing new habits, and overcoming existing negative automatic thoughts and responses.
  • Relationships. Kelly believes healthy human interaction is a basic need for all of us, but that individuals often falter because they lack the skills to relate to one another.
  • Couples. Kelly has a heart for marriages, especially those where both partners desire to make their relationship work, but cannot overcome the seemingly relentless barriers to relationship success.   Kelly journeys with couples through the challenges that marriages naturally encounter.
  • Anxiety and Depression. Kelly is experienced with clients who suffer from the symptoms of anxiety and depression, which preclude healthy functioning in the predominant dimensions of life.

Kelly and her husband of over 18 years also have two school-aged children.