Madeleine Lawrence MA Candidate

Madeleine is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Northwestern University. She will graduate in Spring 2024 with the aim of becoming a Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor (LGPC). She works under the supervision of advanced Imago clinician Caroline Bernhardt-Lanier and faculty members at Northwestern University.

As an Imago therapist in training, Madeleine works with clients to help them create new ways of communicating and relating to establish and maintain healthy, fulfilling relationships. She uses dialogue to help clients understand the patterns in past and current relationships to identify areas of growth and healing, and help create a life where successful relationships can thrive.

Madeleine is passionate about working with couples and individuals in areas such as life transitions, grief and loss, self-esteem regulation, sexuality, anxiety, and depression. She is specifically interested in working with young adults and couples in areas such as sexual orientation, healthy relationship development, and positive sexuality. Her goal as a practitioner is to create a safe and inviting space for clients to process their emotions and life experiences, explore and validate ways of being, and to work alongside them on their journey towards their most authentic sense of self.

Madeleine transitioned from a career in public affairs which included work in communications, media relations, and grassroots advocacy. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a focus on Gender Studies and Human Sexuality from the University of California San Diego.

She is currently accepting clients with a sliding scale rate.