Make a Date with your Child: Relationship Tip

In couples therapy, counselors often prescribe “date nights” for their clients. It is a chance for couples to reconnect, have fun, and re-romanticize their relationship. These moments are less about what you do and more about the quality of the time spent together. Dates nights provide an opportunity to focus on your partner and to demonstrate how much you care and value one another. Positive time is the most precious gift one can give.

Similar to romantic relationships, parent-child relationships require time and effort to make them strong and successful. Children need to know that that they are a priority in their parents’ lives. They need to feel loved and treasured. One way for a parent to show their commitment to the relationship is to make opportunities for one-on-one time together. No matter how old or young the child, find time for special events or a “standing date.” Whether it is a scavenger hunt in the neighborhood, a special trip to the playground, making pottery at a local studio, or an afternoon at the ballpark, celebrate each child individually. Think creatively and the memories made will be ones that last two lifetimes!