Meet Caitlin

Hello! I am excited to introduce myself as the newest counseling intern at the Imago Center of DC.
My name is Caitlin Wick, and I am completing my final year of graduate school at the University
of Pennsylvania, where I am earning a dual master’s degree in School Counseling and Mental
Health Counseling. When I am not seeing clients at the Imago Center DC, I am working in
school-based mental health counseling at Washington International School, providing individual,
group, and classroom counseling to students in grades K-12.

I began my career as a classical musician, earning a bachelor’s degree in viola performance from
Boston University’s College of Fine Arts. Shortly after graduating, I moved to Durban, South
Africa and spent two and half years playing in the KwaZulu-Natal Philharmonic Orchestra and
teaching music lessons in the network of children’s homes there. In 2009, I moved to
Copenhagen, Denmark, where I earned a master’s degree from the Royal Danish Academy of
Music. I lived there for 8 years, teaching, playing in a wide variety of orchestras and ensembles,
and of course learning how to speak Danish (not for the faint of heart!) and how to adapt to the
challenges of daily life in a foreign country. Five years ago, I moved back to the USA after ten
years abroad, and I began directing a concert series here in Washington, DC.

While the global pandemic certainly disrupted many things for me, I found that it gave me the
space to reconsider my priorities and gather the motivation to change parts of my life that were
no longer working. I wasn’t satisfied working on the administrative side of the music industry,
and while I loved teaching my violin and viola students, I realized it wasn’t the music that drove
me, it was the non-musical aspects– the opportunity to connect with my students each week, to
teach them how to communicate and express themselves, to support them as they developed
resilience and other self-regulation skills, and to offer compassion and advocacy to them. That
realization drove me to change my path, apply to graduate school, and ultimately create a new
future for myself supporting individuals, groups, couples, and families in a therapeutic setting.
How do I bring my past and experiences to my new career?

Drawing from my strengths in the performing arts and experiences from living abroad, I am
passionate about helping clients to manage stress and anxiety under pressure, to process rejection
and loss, to remain agile and flexible when facing change, and to bring curiosity to the unknown.
I love working with people of all identities as they navigate transitions, strengthen self-awareness
and confidence, and build more meaningful relationships. With the belief that empathy and
compassion are the most significant therapeutic tools, I like to approach my work with a
humanistic perspective, creating a collaborative, supportive environment for change and healing.