Morgan Levine, LGSW, LMSW, LSW

Morgan Levine (LGSW, LMSW, LSW) uses Imago Relationship Therapy and a blend of approaches including CBT, IFS, and solution-oriented modalities to help explore emotions, access self-compassion, deepen understanding, and learn skills to turn conflict into connection. Morgan works with couples, individuals, and other types of dyads (i.e. parent/child, sibling, business partners).

Areas of Focus:

Morgan works with couples, in all forms, who are interested in healing and growing their relationships. She is passionate about working with diverse clients, particularly LGBTQ+, and creates a safe space for all parts of her clients’ identities. She holds the vision of each person’s best self in a way that helps them live more fully and consciously in their life, their relationships, and their work. In sessions together, clients are encouraged to look at themselves, and their partners, with new eyes in order to learn how to take their own next steps in healing and growth.

Morgan works with individuals in the midst of transition. This can include those who are approaching a big life milestone or who recently experienced a divorce or break-up and want to explore opportunities to grow and learn from the experience. Together we will focus on exploring patterns of behaviors, thoughts, and beliefs that may be getting in the way of your current satisfaction.

A dyad can be any two individuals, siblings, parent/child, business partners, leadership team members, etc. Dyad work can be done with any two people who want to move out of conflict and into a more functional connected relationship. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and a Prosci Certified Change Practitioner, Morgan also holds a Change Leadership Certificate from Cornell University. Morgan particularly enjoys working with dyads in business or working with companies to develop programming tailored to their company’s needs.