Professional Training in Imago Therapy for Therapists

Imago Clinical Training Online Will Help You:

-Feel more competent, confident, relaxed and joyful in your work with couples.

-Understand the unconscious universal dynamics of why couples select one another and why conflict occurs naturally.

-Guide couples to uncover the root problems and patterns fuelling most conflict and disconnection.

-Teach couples how to communicate in a safe & structured way that removes blame, shame, and criticism.

-Help couples heal together and work as a team.

-Expand their relational competency skills so they can experience the relationship of their dreams.

-Expand your self-awareness and enrich your own relationships. 

We are passionate about helping you on your journey of learning and developing as a Certified Imago professional. Once you’ve completed the training, you’ll become part of a local, national and global Imago community dedicated to transforming the quality of connections of people in all types of relationships. We invest in you with a network of resources right at your fingertips.

Learning and integrating the Imago model into your practice can make working with couples more fun, rewarding and successful.
















Our Instructors:
Caroline Bernhardt-Lanier, M.Ed., M.S., LCPC, PhD candidate

Rebecca Sears, MDiv LPC
Senior Faculty, Imago International Institute
Top Rated Couples Therapist by Washingtonian Magazine

2022-2023 Imago Clinical ONLINE Training Dates

Led by Caroline Bernhardt-Lanier

  • Module I – January 19-22, 2023
  • Module II – March 9-12, 2023
  • Module III- May 18-21, 2023
  • Module IV- July 27-30, 2023

8:30-2:30 pm ET each day (total of 96 hrs)

Location: HIPAA secure Zoom Platform


2023-2024 Imago Clinical HYBRID Training Dates

Led by Caroline Bernhardt-Lanier

  • Module I – August 11-14, 2023 in Washington, DC
    • 9am to 5pm each day in person
  • Module II – October 26-29, 2023
  • Module III- January 11-14, 2024
  • Module IV- March 21-24, 2024
    • 8am – 2 pm Eastern each day on Zoom for last 3 modules

(total of 96 hrs)

Level One

  • Intensive, interactive experience
  • Lively, encouraging, and supportive learning community
  • Practice integrating theory and using Imago skills
  • Engaging learning materials, including videos, demos, and readings
  • Cost $3,000 (payment plan available)
  • CEUs available

Level Two

  • 6 months of Imago supervision continuing to integrate the clinical skills
  • $600 for six months of supervision
  • Supervision options: monthly groups, individual consults, Skype/phone Supervision done at trainees pace.
  • No deadline.
  • Requirement: prepare and pass a final videotape of your work
  • Become a Certified Imago Therapist!

Contact me at if you have any questions about the requirements.

Licensed therapists and social workers as well as graduate students in social work, pastoral counseling, or other counseling fields are encouraged to train.