Co-Ed Groups

Finding an In-Person or Online Group Makes a Big Difference!

This group is for you if:

The Imago Co-Ed Group is an experience that helps you to improve yourself and your relationships.

  • You are going through a life transition: divorce, marriage, empty nest, loss. And you need to process your experience
  • You want more meaning in your life.
  • You want to make positive changes stick.
  • You want skills to be more vulnerable.
  • Your fuse is short and little irritants are really starting to matter.
  • You want to connect and communicate better with others.
  • You need new coping tools in your personal and business relationships

There’s a good chance that your life isn’t what you’d like it to be. We hope this experience will enrich your life in the ways that are most important to you. Through connection with other people, the Imago Co-Ed Group can help you develop a more rewarding relational approach to life and make positive change stick. Please schedule an initial interview with Hayley to see if this group might be for you. Wait list forming now!

This group will be on-going, meeting weekly and new members will continue to roll on to the group.