Spotlight on Lena Aburdene, MS

Lena Aburdene can be a little impatient with the slow pace of the therapeutic process. As a new counselor at PC&CC/The Imago Center, she admits that her strong desire to help others causes her to want to help solve problems right away. “Sometimes that’s just not possible,” she explains. “Counseling can be a long journey and sometimes there is tremendous value in just being present and accepting the process for what it is.”

Aburdene’s own sense of spirituality helps her to be in that present moment with her clients. “Spirituality has a role in the way I do my work because I recognize that all my clients have a different view on what spirituality is to them,” she explains. “I believe it is important for clients to use their spirituality as a coping skill in whatever way makes sense to them, and if applicable, I honor that in the counseling room.”

A skilled writer, Aburdene pens a column on feminism and relationships for and finds that it gives her the opportunity to explore psychological issues in a different way. “What I enjoy most about writing my column is the fact that it is constantly changing based on the work I do with clients, what I hear from my friends and what I find in the media. I also love the fact that some of my clients read my column and say that it helps them and that my clients seek me out based on my column. It helps establish a connection with the client right off the bat,” she says.

Joining PC&CC/The Imago Center has helped Aburdene “think outside the box,” she says, adding that the group setting has given her the opportunity to feel both challenged and supported by the staff. “I thrive working in group settings, as opposed to on my own. I love the support and camaraderie,” she notes. “I also find having consultation and weekly meetings with colleagues is very helpful for me in terms of support, growth and challenge.”

Aburdene is particularly interested in group therapy and has recently co-launched a new group, “Single in the City,” with Nathan Gehlert. The group offers support to women in their 20s and 30s who struggle with dating and relationships. Aburdene also co-leads the Quarterlife +10 group for young adults facing life transitions.

Aburdene sees clients in our downtown DC office. She may be reached at 202-449-3789 x704