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Your Path to Building Rewarding Relationships & Good Mental Health Washington DC

PC&CC has been an area leader in caring, professional relationship and marriage counseling, family counseling, job-related problem counseling, and therapy for all types of depression, anxiety and emotional issues for more than 40 years. All of us possess the natural gift of self-reflection, but when life takes a sharp turn, it may be tough to make sense of your experiences alone. Building a relationship with one of our therapists can help you learn to use your own insights to help set goals, achieve balance, and improve how you feel about your life.

Our relationship/marriage and family counselors are grounded in the appreciation of one’s religious and spiritual life. We recognize that spirituality is an important part of our overall emotional and physical well-being. While for some of the people we counsel this may not be an important focus, you may be comforted to know that this part of your life is valued.

Do you want better relationships? Want to enrich your outlook on the world? Does life sometimes feel like a struggle?

The therapists at PC&CC are trained to provide caring and expert support for issues related to mental health and relationships. If you are visiting our site, you have already taken a remarkable step toward helping yourself feel better. All of us face times when we could use some additional support and feedback. Improving your ability to form relationships with others can be a restorative step. We dedicate each day to the power of healing mind, body and spirit, right here in the Greater Washington DC area. If your life is “out of balance” and you need help, you’ve come to the right place.

Yes, We Can Help You!

Discover the many ways in which we can help you overcome stumbling blocks and pain in your life. We offer Relationship and Marriage Counseling, Family Counseling, counseling for all types of depression and anxiety, counseling for Stress, Work & Career concerns. When it’s time to get support for the new direction you want your life to travel, we want to walk that path with you. When life overwhelms you and becomes too hard to tackle by yourself, we are here to help. When you need strategies for making the lasting changes that will give you the relationship you’ve been dreaming of, we will make you our priority. We invite you to find out more about our mental health services in Metro Washington DC. Please contact us today. Someone will respond to you, sometimes within minutes but always as soon as possible.