Tory Joseph, MEd, LCPC

Tory Joseph is a licensed clinical counselor and Imago couples therapist. She works with couples, parents and individuals to address problems with anxiety, grief, depression and loss of connection, including infidelity. Tory has over 20 years of experience in teaching, counseling, parenting education and parent coaching.

As an Imago relationship therapist, Tory offers couples a safe place to communicate and build a relationship of mutual respect, understanding and growth.  In Imago therapy, you will learn to uncover the root cause of conflict within your relationship. As a couple, you will begin to create emotional safety and intimacy and develop your relationship to its fullest potential.  Imago teaches couples to respect each other’s desires and priorities, and fully understand each other’s point of view.  You will learn communication skills to help you break away from old, destructive patterns, and learn a new, positive way of relating.

In individual therapy, Tory will work to help you navigate difficult transitions, including career change, empty nest, divorce, relationship breaks, or death of a loved one. She can help you to:

  • better understand and resolve challenges in your life.
  • manage difficult emotions, including anger and anxiety
  • improve decision-making
  • create a healthy blend of work, leisure and relationships
  • overcome ambivalence, fear, destructive behavior and move toward your goals

Tory is also a certified parent educator, and mom of three grown children, who were raised in the DC area. She has counseled and coached hundreds of parents and families. She helps parents find balance and peace in their life by teaching positive parenting skills that help children become responsible.  She helps parents reduce conflict, tension and disrespect and create a more loving and respectful family life. She continues to lecture and teach parenting classes for the Parent Encouragement Program.