Women’s Sexuality in the 3rd Chapter

10 week sessions focused on sexuality provide a platform for psycho-education, sexual education, personal growth, self-reflection and interpersonal exploration. These goals may prove to be merely the beginning of a journey the women in the group will take together. Commitment to the ongoing process, even when discussions feel challenging, awkward or invasive is an investment in self-knowledge.

Through this confidential group experience, you will be encouraged to make changes in your sexual life, participate in exercises and discussions regarding your sexual concerns, your body, long-believed myths about female sexuality, aging and stereotypes.

You will identify your sexual wants and needs and explore ways to achieve sexual self-awareness and satisfaction. You will learn safe, positive communication with a partner. You will explore your sexual identity past and present and the impact of aging on your sexuality. Sexual knowledge: fact versus fiction, relationship hopes and wants, and perceptions that prevent you from living as an authentically sexual woman in your later life will be explored in the safe confines of the group.

During the group, you will learn ways to communicate with others, to identify your feelings and recognize behaviors that emerge. You will validate and empathize with group members, while being seen and heard as your authentic self. Given time, grace and a willingness to be curious, the group will develop its identity.

The behavior of a human being in sexual matters is often a prototype for the whole of his other modes of reaction in life.– Sigmund Freud Sexuality and the Psychology of Love

Group forming

8-10 female members desired

A minimum commitment to 6 months is requested.

Meeting time to be finalized when the group coalesces.