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Playgroup as Peer Group

Counseling Today just published an article I wrote about how some therapist moms and dads balance their work with busy home lives. As a part of the DCTherapistMoms group locally, I was expecting to find similar support networks for therapists around...

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Hollywood’s Marriage Fantasies

I read this interesting article today about how Hollywood’s preoccupation with reconciliation stories may be impacting kids’ expectations about separation/divorce. My favorite line might be this one: “…Hollywood has always been interested in extreme and unlikely tales. Happy marriages...

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Weingarten Talks SPD?

Today’s Washington Post Magazine features a column by Gene Weingarten that – despite not actually naming it – addresses Sensory Processing Disorder, a topic I wrote about for Counseling Today in March. He describes his own “tactile heebie-jeebies” around...

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