Anxiety is a common feeling that most of us will experience throughout our lifetime. Situations can cause us to feel anxious such as work pressure, school exams, life events, and health concerns. When this worry becomes excessive, continuous, or prolonged, it can be overwhelming and professional help may be needed.


What is Anxiety?
Anxiety is a neurobiological response to signals of danger. It can feel like a sense of dread, fear, or general uneasiness. Anxiety may lead to physical symptoms such as sweating, feeling restless and tense, and rapid heartbeat. For many, these feelings reduce or dissipate when the precipitated cause is resolved. However, when these feelings of anxiety become enduring, they can interfere with daily activities, well-being, and overall functioning.

Anxiety Therapy
Therapy can help you manage your physical response to anxiety, understand the root of your response, and learn new ways to navigate these cues to help you live life to the fullest. Therapy for anxiety comes in many forms, which is important because symptoms vary from person to person.

Types of therapy for anxiety include:

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