Moving out of Depression is HARD!
Most people experience feelings of sadness. Depression, however, is an extreme level of despair that interferes with the activities of daily life and can even cause physical pain. When this happens, professional support can help grow skills and tools for self-regulation and lead you down a path towards living life to the fullest.


What is Depression?
Depression is a neurobiological response to cues of hopelessness and powerlessness. These responses can lead to feelings of prolonged sadness, worthlessness, and even anger. Depression is common; one of the most common mental concerns in the country in fact. When we get stuck in the past, or feel unable to make changes, we often tell ourselves a story of despair. “It will never change.” The stories we tell ourselves when caught in this state are self-fulfilling. When we internalize messages of despair, depression reinforces them. Thus, it becomes a feedback loop.

Depression Therapy
Counseling for depression is designed to use your biology to stabilize and build resiliency to help you to right size your response to life’s experiences. Our specialized therapists will help you pinpoint life events that contribute to your depression, identify distorted thought processes, develop coping skills, and set realistic goals.

Types of therapy for depression include:

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