Childhood and adolescence is an exciting, blooming time for individuals. However, these periods in life also present unique challenges. It can be difficult to address these stressors and professional services can help!


Family, Children, and Adolescents
Childhood and adolescents are crucial times in a person’s development. These periods of life include exploration, goal setting, risk taking, and reasoning. They also include significant life stressors and emotions that can be novel and confusing for young people. As young people’s brains develop, they are subject to extreme emotions and even behaviors that can be difficult to manage on their own. Family counseling or individual therapy for children and adolescents can help you navigate these shifting dynamics in a productive, safe environment.

What is Family Therapy?
Family therapy comes in all shapes and sizes and is aimed at improving the functioning of a family unit across a range of unique challenges that arise. Therapy for children and adolescents helps them understand themselves, express themselves, and learn to regulate and balance their emotions. Therapy helps these young people to explore the cause of their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors and provide them tools to help them feel and function better.

Similarly, family counseling helps members of a unit understand each other and work through difficult feelings to help better communication to improve interactions and relationships. Our specialized therapists will provide a supportive, nonjudgmental space that allows your family to speak openly and confidently about issues that are coming into the family dynamic and aid in incorporating skills and tools to help improve the functioning of the family.


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