Keeping the Love You Find™: a relationship workshop for individuals

What I do to maintain my distance…

Why is it you are drawn to particular people? Why do you love some experiences, but dread others? Learning more about yourself helps you get much more out of your relationships. Through Imago you can uncover patterns that are not working for you and learn about how to make new relationships more successful. Keeping the Love You Find™ workshop is a wonderful opportunity for discovery and development. It is the right workshop for you if you are an individual seeking personal growth, enhanced communication, and relationship skills.

You will learn how to:

  • Break old relationship patterns
  • Understand how you re-create the past in present relationships
  • Let go of old hurts and old ways of being in relationships
  • Learn new relationship skills for better communication and connection
  • Develop a clear Personal Growth Plan based on your new insights
  • Meet new people on a similar journey

The format includes brief lectures, demonstrations, movie clips, music, private reflection and sharing in small groups, all in a confidential and welcoming setting.

The workshop is for you if:

  • You are out of a relationship, wanting to be relational with a partner
  • You wonder why you are attracted to certain types of partners
  • You want to discover how old ways of coping sabotage your relationships
  • You want to be ready for the relationship of your dreams!
  • You are in a relationship and want to understand your own relational dynamics better.

Need more information? Contact The Imago Center at 202.670.5065.

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