Imago Counseling Internships ​

The Imago Center of Washington DC’s counseling internship program offers graduate students and postgraduate students an opportunity to be a part of an in-depth training program in Imago Couples Therapy. Within the internship program, advanced students from graduate programs in social work, pastoral counseling, marriage and family therapy, and psychology offer sliding scale counseling for individuals, families, and groups with an emphasis on couples. Students will also be given opportunities to connect with, learn from and/or contribute to the local, national, and global communities of Imago relationship therapists. This is a vibrant, diverse, welcoming, fun, and relational group of practitioners who are dedicated to human connection and growth. Our internship program meets both academic as well as licensing requirements for VA, DC, and MD.

We are looking for students who are empathic, curious, and committed to their own personal growth and learning. Our staff is extremely supportive of each other, and we seek people who are team players and who value community and service to others. We appreciate individuals who can take initiative and be creative and who bring diverse perspectives that can enrich our community.

As part of the internship experience, interns will participate in weekly peer supervision groups and monthly all-staff meetings and clinical trainings, as well as smaller circles focused on the growth and development of the organization (marketing, education, finance, and community development, for example), in which they can take on responsibility according to their interests.

On-boarding will be thorough, and the student will have many opportunities to observe, watch demos and videos and then be assigned her own clients. Intern will likely start with mostly individual clients, which she can see in person or via telehealth. As she completes training and supervision in Imago Therapy, she will gradually add more couples to her caseload. She will also be supported if she would like to co-lead or lead any therapy groups.

About The Imago Center of Washington, DC

A multi-service mental health organization, the Imago Center of Washington, DC currently has twelve therapists on staff working in various locations around the DC metro area. We serve adults primarily, although several clinicians work with families, teens, and children. Our clients are truly diverse, socioeconomically, ethnically, and culturally, drawing from the multicultural and international demographic. We specialize in couple therapy, and all our therapists complete the 96-hour clinical training in Imago Relationship Therapy and receive regular supervision in Imago, as well as connection to the local, national, and global Imago communities. Most clinicians have been trained in some mixture of psychodynamic therapy and CBT, but also incorporate other resources including polyvagal theory and trauma-informed and somatic approaches. We also offer many groups and workshops for individuals and couples. Currently, we average about 650 client hours per month.

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