What people are saying about our premarital workshop

Our next Start Right, Stay Connected premarital workshop is scheduled for Saturday, June 8th, 2013 in Chevy Chase, MD.. Roberta Martin and Caroline Bernhardt Lanier look forward to another fun, interactive day.

Here’s what participants said about our last two workshops:

  • Positive and eye opening and helpful.  Thank you for a great day!
  • A valuable reminder that it’s easy to talk but much harder to listen.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed learning from the other couples who shared and voiced their own experiences and opinions.
  • As complicated as relationships can be, having tools to support the effort and prioritizing the time to learn about those tools strengthens the commitment between couples. I would recommend Imago to my loved ones just as it was recommended to me.
  • It helps deepen connection and it offers real skills.
  • This was a wonderful way to build communication and deepen our relationship. Very, very productive day with lots of new “tools” presented and practiced. I felt that we got closer together just by doing this, and the lessons we learned will be extremely helpful as we move forward with our relationship.
  • There are a lot of great skills presented in this class that make sense in a strong/good relationship
  • Helpful for gaining an awareness of the needs and perspective of one’s significant other, and the specific Imago techniques and discussion framework truly emphasizes important points on building a conscious and healthy relationship together.
  • At the minimum you leave feeling more connected to your partner and you stand to gain much more than that.
  • It was wonderful to have the opportunity both to focus on us as a couple and to hear from the experiences of other couples. This was a truly wonderful experience.
  • The facilitators did a great job. The workshop was engaging and flowed very well. There was an excellent balance of lecture, discussion and private couples exercises.
  • All of the facilitators were skilled at having empathy for other persons. This served the group well. Having “private coaching” was nice!
  • Encourages couples to focus on their relationship and evaluate their communication

Our one day premarital workshop is an excellent way for couples considering a long-term commitment to invest in the health of their partnership.  Contact Roberta Martin or Caroline Bernhardt Lanier to register or to learn more!