Covid-19 Support Group Weds 3:00-4:15 pm


Oct 28 2020


3:00 pm - 4:15 pm


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Covid-19 Support Group Weds 3:00-4:15 pm

  • These are emotional times and additional outside support may be useful.
  • Many of us are experiencing grief related to losses: loved ones and dear friends; a sense of identity-related to the work we do or did; curtailed or eliminated freedoms; disappointments related to events, celebrations, commemorations or moments that were canceled, postponed or moved to virtual platforms; financial fears or burdens; faith and trust lost in our governance, news sources, support systems, and public safety; ruptures in communication and connection along with uninterrupted contact.
  • Talking in a support-style group can lead to the installation of hope, comfort in understanding that you are not alone in your feelings and experience, shared ideas and resources, and self-reflection for the purpose of growth and healing.
  • Group members develop a bond that transcends space and time and creates connection.

If you or someone you know and care about is struggling during the Covid-19 sequestration, please call 202-670-5065  or contact The Imago Center of DC, under the auspices of the Pastoral Counseling and Consultation Center. Click here to contact us by email.


About Cosmin

Cosmin is a Romanian-born counselor in training. He is passionate about understanding human nature, eager to be a healing presence, and creating an open, safe environment for anyone who has a need to be heard, a heart to be understood, and a desire for self-awareness and fulfillment.

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