Imago Couples’ Café

Caroline Bernhardt-Lanier & Jason Bernhardt-Lanier


Caroline Bernhardt-Lanier & Jason Bernhardt-Lanier


Nov 01 2020


2:30 pm - 4:00 pm


Pay what you can

Imago Couples’ Café

If you have had Imago couples counseling or participated in an Imago workshop and you would like to strengthen your connection, prioritize your communication, sweeten your relationship, the Imago Couples’ Café is your opportunity to meet once a week with an experienced Imago Relationship couple to practice the way of life that reinforces your conscious connection to one another.

About Caroline and Jason
A licensed professional counselor and a parent educator, Caroline is passionate about helping individuals, couples, and families experience healing, connection, and joy in their relationships. She holds an M.S. in Pastoral Counseling from Loyola and a M.Ed. from Harvard and is completing a PhD in marriage and family therapy with a specialization in Imago.
An organizational development leader and an Integral executive coach, Jason works at Ashoka with social entrepreneurs around the world. He holds an MS in Positive Organization Development from Case Western. He is also a leader with the Mankind Project and Illuman, organizations that foster male development.
Married since 1994, Caroline and Jason enjoy parenting their 4 children and leading Imago couples workshops together.