A fascinating and empathetic view from a Christian woman on why husbands seem so focused on sex

Barbara Rainey writes,”When God created woman, He gave her  multiple avenues for expressing the essence of her sexuality—her femaleness. Because I am a woman, I can participate in sexual intercourse with my husband. I can conceive a child and experience the miraculous process of creating a life in my body over nine months. My husband can only watch and wonder, but he’ll never know what giving life is like.

“After my child is born, I can physically nurse her for months and even years if I so choose. There is no way a man can feed a baby with a bottle and begin to experience the same deep fulfillment and satisfaction women feel when they successfully nurse their child.

“The experiences of childbearing and nursing are affirmations of female sexuality. Women were made to nurture life. It is an expression of our inherent femaleness, even if we never have a biological child. We are nurturers by God’s design.

By contrast, a man’s sexuality, his manhood, is primarily expressed through sexual intercourse.”


Here’s the link to her entire article: http://mentorguide.familylife.com/2011/07/why-sex-is-so-important-to-your-husband/