A Lenten Discipline

Traditionally Lent is a time of reflection and a time of change when we commit ourselves to stretching into new behaviors. It’s also often a time of cleansing our bodies and spirits to prepare a place for the divine to be more present in our lives. Consider the following to help bring the spirit of Lent into your relationship:

  1. Make a conscious attempt to slow down the pace of your life. Commit to meditating together ideally once a day (or once a week) for 20 minutes. Create a sacred space in your home for this ritual – it doesn’t have to be elaborate, perhaps you just light a candle. Afterward, share what the experience was like.
  2. So often we are more focused on how our partner should change than how we could change for our partner. Reflect on the things your partner has been asking for and if you might stretch into giving them as a gift during Lent. If, by chance, nothing comes to mind, ask – it’s likely your partner will have some ideas.
  3. Ask yourself, what resentments are keeping me from making room to better receive my partner as a divine gift? Take a few minutes each day to reimage your partner as God’s gift to you.