Are you waiting for superman?

Sometimes it can feel like there is no one to talk to when things get rough. Sometimes you just want someone to help celebrate your joys and successes. It may make you wonder, what ever happened to the idea of having a best friend?

Often we think of best friends as something that happens only during school-age years. Yearning for that one, special confidant to talk to is normal. But sometimes, our expectations of that person are less than healthy. If you’re looking for one friend that will share all your interests, always be available to talk and hang out, and give you constant advice and support about everything in your life, you may be expecting too much. There are different types of friendships, and different types of friends. Some friends are movie buddies. Others are workout partners. Some friends are great in a great crisis, while others are ready to make you laugh. Each friend has something to offer and brings richness to your life. So, rather than looking for a one-size fits all kind of friendship, you can learn to embrace each friend’s strengths. In the end, you’ll have more friends and be stretched in new ways. It sure beats waiting for Superman.