Bye New Year’s resolution, Hi New You.

In our culture only 8% of people actually accomplish their New Year’s resolution. If for some reason you let your resolve go, with focus, faith, patient and effort  you can still  join the few. 
Some apps can be incredibly helpful in this endeavor. One of them is MotivAider, which helps you to keep your intentions on the front burner. It enables you to stay focused and shift your behavior and habits quickly, easily and privately. You can download it to your phone, and support for change is on its way!
Intentions are powerful and can become change if you keep on pressing on. You hold the power for personal revolution in  the eleven months before you. Think of the benefits of change. Dream of how it is going to be when you change. Ask for help. If the results of change are too far in the future, think of steps of the change that are closer to your reality now and use them as a step to the greater transformation! It feels wonderful to drop pounds, improve relationships, acquire new skills or get rid of behaviors that hurt us.
The beautiful thing about change is that next year you will not hear the little nagging voice telling you that you are the same you were at the beginning of the year and that nothing happened. With a smile on your face, you will be able to say, “I did it! And I am ready for more!”.