Couples Counseling on the First Date?

I just saw this interesting Newsweek article on unmarried couples coming to counseling. I found myself having a hard time thinking of how many of the couples I’ve seen over the years were neither married nor living together – it’s just not something that I can recall very easily. It’s interesting, because you’d think that factor might jump out as part of the memory of working together. I suppose it just reflects what this article is saying, that couples at all stages of relationship may be drawn to the opportunity to check in and talk through their relationship goals with a neutral third party. I often tell people that going to premarital counseling is a gift to the people they will be in five years, and I think the same is true for those simply in a relationship who are looking for a deeper understanding of their needs and wants. The work you put in today, in this relationship, may improve what you have now, but it will definitely give you a better sense of what you need in any relationship throughout a lifetime.