Food and Connection

I love food blogs and recently reflected on the availability of good food and recipe resources that abound on the internet. Food brings people together. Food restores broken connections. Food soothes, and comforts, and repairs. Food helps people celebrate and remember and rejoice. Good food can actually lift the spirits and heal the body, mind and soul. It is not difficult to turn out a lovely dish that inspires and delights, especially with so many clear photos and step-by-step instructions just a mouse click away. Really, there is little excuse to rely on poor food when something as simple, beautiful, affordable, and nutritious as the following is just a click away. Renew, expand, appreciate, or deepen a relationship today with a new recipe. from


Sliced tomatoes and hard-boiled eggs “buttered” with hummus, drizzled with really good extra-virgin olive oil, and seasoned with chopped celery-parsley leaves and s & p. (or basil)