Kick-Start Your Passion

Sometimes many of us may feel as though we have fallen out of love with our partners. Dawn Lipthrott, LCSW, an Imago Therapist and director of the Relationship Learning Center in Winter Park, Fla., has compiled a list of 60 “starter ideas” for reigniting the passion and even “having an affair with your own partner or spouse.” Her tips include:

  • Call him unexpectedly just to say you love him and were thinking of him.
  • Call her just to tell her one thing you appreciate about her.
  • Send him/her flowers (home, office, hotel room) “just because,” or “thank you for. . .,” or “because I love you,”, etc.
  • Send a fax to work or hotel (or an e-mail) saying that you love her and can’t wait to be with her again.
  • When you come home, find him and just hold him close for a moment – no words are necessary.
  • Call her at 10am and tell her you are going to take her out to lunch.
  • When you walk by him at home, touch him, or give a hug or caress.
  • Wake up to the day as if it was “the first time” you were alone with your spouse. Greet her enthusiastically, sit and just look lovingly at her for a few moments, and ask about her day while listening and trying to let her know you understand.

For more of Lipthrott’s relationship tips, visit her site