Lent, a Time to Remember New Year’s Resolutions?

With so many of my clients talking about their Lenten disciplines this year, I recently found myself thinking about what I might give up or add to my routine to honor the season. This mental conversation sounded sort of familiar, then I remembered the piece I wrote for PC&CC’s January Soul Matters newsletter on New Year’s resolutions. The basic gist was that instead of fixating on what we need to cut out or ramp up in our daily habits, perhaps we would all be more successful if we resolved to be more connected to those around us.

It’s interesting how many opportunities our calendar provides for us to “start over” each year – New Year’s, Lent, Easter, “back to school” time in the fall, and Advent are just a few. In my ongoing quest to get myself (and my clients, family, friends, colleagues, etc.) to be gentler about what I should be doing and what I just don’t do to take care of myself, perhaps I can find a more peaceful Lenten practice in seeking out ways to be closer to those around me.