Not just the wedding, the marriage

My two daughters are 5 years apart and are getting married within months of each other.  The preparation has been fascinating with a focus on flowers, bands, tents, wedding dresses and goodie bags.  You get the idea.

Amidst the flurry of energy focused on the actual day, we have had moments to take in the bigger picture.  Not just the wedding, but the marriage.  The life that the couple intends to have after the ceremony is over.

My daughters have been very supportive of my Imago training and have both agreed to start their marriage off with a premarital boost with an Imago therapist.  One will have private meetings while the other will go on a weekend away. They are convinced of the benefits as they have watched my marriage.  The festivities of the wedding day come and go, but the knowledge and practice of the Imago dialogue can be priceless in the years to come.