Referring Clients

Most of us in the caregiving field have had the experience of working with a particularly challenging client and wondering if he or she would be better served by someone with a different sort of training. Wicks & Rodgerson (1998) write that “a vital part of being a caregiver is to know when we are not the right person to care for this individual and to know when we have reached our limitations in helping the person.” Here are a few questions to ask if you are considering making a referral to a professional counseling agency:

  • Is this client facing a challenge that I haven’t seen before?
  • Is this client requiring more attention than I am used to providing?
  • Do I feel unusually exhausted after a session with this client?
  • Am I worried about this client’s welfare between meetings?

Counselors are available to help you find additional resources for your clients. Feel free to contact us anytime for consultation.