Start Right Stay Connected Pre-marital Workshop

I recently had the pleasure of co-leading Start Right Stay Connected, a program for couples who are engaged to be married or deepening commitment.  Four couples participated in the experiential workshop which addressed a variety of topics, including:

  • How to create safety, improve communication, and heal childhood wounds
  • Romantic attraction and partner selection
  • The neuroscience of love
  • Conflict as growth trying to happen
  • Moving from power struggle to deeper connection
  • Introduction to Imago dialogue
  • Closing exits that avoid intimacy
  • Fun, joy, and caring behaviors
  • Creating a shared vision for the future

The couples who attended, and the pre-marital couples whom I serve as a therapist, know the high rates of divorce and the impact of other devastating relationship exits.  What brings them into therapy or programs such as Start Right isn’t just the fear of becoming a statistic. They want their relationship to survive, to be sure; but they also want more.  They want it to thrive.  They want to experience the aliveness and deep fulfillment that comes after infatuation subsides and when conflict is seen for what it is: growth trying to happen.

The Start Right Stay Connected workshop offers a vision of what we in Imago call a conscious or intentional relationship, one in which partners  appreciate each other’s unique gifts and develop deep empathy for each other’s wounds, imperfections, and vulnerabilities.  Just as important, the program offers practical advice and realistic steps on how to achieve that vision.

The Start Right program is a great opportunity for any couple that is in it for the long haul.  To find out about future programs, check out our events list.