The Gift of Curiosity

Going on walks with my 7-month-old son is an exciting and engaging adventure. He looks at everything with great interest and awe. No wonder he has so much curiosity: He is seeing the world for the first time!!

In his book Curious, Todd Kashdan writes that curiosity enlarges our brain’s pathways releasing substances that produce a sense of happiness. When we are curious we are open and receptive to whatever is the target of our attention. Therefore, when we are curious about our partner we give him or her opportunity to show us a whole new world without our predisposed interpretations.

What would it be like if for one week we asked ourselves questions like, “What questions can I ask my partner that will lead me to know him or her better without judgment?” “How can I inspire my partner’s curiosity?” “What can I do to surprise my partner?” “How can I do familiar things in different ways?” “How do I bring playfulness into my relationship?” Curious people are flexible, creative, and innovative. It seems to me that the old saying lacks accuracy; instead of killing the cat curiosity makes it feel alive!