Timers Everywhere

 In this world of beeps and rings and timers, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by these daily reminders.  The alarm sings in the morning, the dryer beeps for the clothes to be folded, the phone pings when an email comes in and the oven timer goes off when the chicken is baked.

The other day while doing an Imago dialogue with a couple, my client’s IPAD started singing.  The client apologized and then silenced the music.  She explained that this singing was a reminder for her to meditate 5 minutes each hour.  I was struck by this reminder and reflected on how powerful meditation could be in our relationships.  If  we got quiet to meditate for 5 minutes each hour while were awake we could reset our intention to be more loving, to be more open and to be more compassionate towards each other.  I am guessing that the level of receptivity in our relationship would increase and the negativity would decrease.  We might hear something besides our own voice.

The singing IPAD was a pleasant reminder of the importance of taking time to be quiet and therefore possibly more  present in our relationships.