Tips to Keep Dual Career Marriages Happy

More than ever, it is important for spouses to be able to balance their career and their marriage. Almost half of all the American marriages have more than one income. With this, however, there are going to be many stresses put on the relationship.
These issues don’t just work themselves out. There has to be compromises on both sides, and both sides have to intentionally put the other first in order for the relationship to work.
How to better manage both career and marriage:
·         Manage your expectations. There are too many chances for disappointment if you are not clear with your spouse what you expect out of them. This can be anything from everyday routines to what you want to see out of the relationship. Would you rather receive quick emails at work, or would you rather have an hour or two of exclusive together time to talk about your day? Being honest with yourself and your spouse will help both sides get what they are looking for.
·         Schedule time with your spouse. For those who are very career driven, it is very typical to be working long hours at the office or even continuing work at home. Activities that tend to escape the radar are those like outings with the in laws, breakfast with friends, and community service. These are all things you can do with your spouse and strengthen your relationship.
·         Cancel on your job. We’re not saying quit your job. But, how often do you cancel date night because something comes up at work? How many weekends become bombarded because you brought work home? If you find it is becoming a habit of cutting out time with your partner, then you are going to miss out on something extremely important. If need be, schedule in your spouse the way you do meetings- and stick to it!
·         Blend your home and your job. If your home and work are in completely different spheres, your spouse may feel a little left out or alienated. Find times for your partners and colleagues to meet each other on a personal level. This way, when you tell stories about work, they feel more involved and can better enjoy the stories about your day. Finding ways to integrate home and work will help benefit both worlds.
·         Balance the compromises that are made. Especially for those who are extremely passionate about their careers, there are many sacrifices that are made in order to spend more time with family. If one spouse is spending the time to make dinner or clean, the other might be able to pick up the children or help out around the house. There is no cover-all solution to this as each couple is different in their needs, but making it clear that you are acting as a team will greatly strengthen the relationship.
You don’t have to give up a job you love in order to maintain a successful relationship. These tips are a wonderful start to balancing both work and your biggest personal relationship.