Training Days: You Can Be an Educator

The exciting idea that “Imago is for Everyone” becomes truer every day with the growth of the Imago Relationships International (IRI) Educator program. And, we were lucky enough to have the 4th-ever Imago-Certified Community Educator Training here in Takoma Park last November – Rebecca Sears and Shelly Webb co-taught the four day Training event to participants from Texas, Florida, Virginia, and Maryland.

And, before you read further…consider this: YOU could be and Imago Educator!

An important part of Harville Hendrix and the Imago professional community’s vision for the future is bringing Imago theory and relationship education to as large and diverse an audience as possible. So, alongside of Imago couples therapy and the Imago workshops, Imago Educators are now bringing four seminars and relationship education to settings as diverse as law offices, medical groups, churches, and the Environmental Protection Agency. The Seminars are on Imago theory, Premarital/commitment preparation, couplehood as a spiritual journey, and dealing with conflict.

Imago Educators are not therapists; rather they are people who learned of Imago through their own relationships and feel passionate enough about Imago to want to either bring it into their existing occupational work or use the Educator Training to teach the Seminars in their free time. Educators are really “Imago Ambassadors” who get to share their understanding and love of Imago; the Educator Training gives them the skills and structure to do this well.

So, think about it. You could be one of the growing number of Imago Educators!