What people are saying about our premarital workshop

Premarital WorkshopOur next Start Right, Stay Connected premarital workshop is scheduled for Saturday, January 28, 2012 in Arlington.  Kevin Berrill and I look forward to another fun, interactive day. Here’s what participants said about our last workshop:


  • “Positive and eye opening and helpful.  Thank you for a great day!”
  • “A valuable reminder that it’s easy to talk but much harder to listen.”
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed learning from the other couples who shared and voiced their own experiences and opinions.”
  • “As complicated as relationships can be, having tools to support the effort and prioritizing the time to learn about those tools strengthens the commitment between couples. I would recommend Imago to my loved ones just as it was recommended to me.”
  • “Encourages couples to focus on their relationship and evaluate their communication”

Our one day premarital workshop is an excellent way for couples considering a long-term commitment to invest in the health of their partnership.  Contact me to register or to learn more!