Yard Sale

I just love yard sales! This afternoon while walking with my family I saw a sign. We got in and started to search for hidden treasures. Chatting with the sellers, we found out that they were selling their parents’ belongings. One of the siblings said “It is the hardest thing to say goodbye to all of this; we grew up in this house. We have so many memories of everything here.”

We walked away with a box of things and I had this deep appreciation for life and for the memories we are creating as a family. It is impossible to stop the cycle of life and I somehow know that my kids will probably be sorting through our things someday. I intensely desire for them to have and to hold on to the wonderful meaningful and intentional memories we created together.

In this fast pace society, it feels like we are always running somewhere. It seems at times that we need to wrap up a moment because another is rushing in. Living here and now, slowing down and valuing every minute is essential. In the end, memories are made of seconds, minutes, hours spent in relating to each other. Living can be challenging at times and situations can be overwhelming. But as finite human beings, we have the incredible power to create forever in the memories of the ones we love.