You Are a Celebrity

I watched the supper bowl half time show. Beyonce was just fantastic! She is such a celebrity!I have always been curious about our fascination with celebrities. Maybe we try to attach our identity to theirs to feel successful, beautiful or powerful. It is fun to dress up like a celebrity or to buy the products they endorse. However we will never be the celebrity whom we admire.A celebrity is a unique individual and no amount of clothes, shoes, cars or perfumes can offer us their identity. We are unique! Biological composition shows over and over how inimitable each one of us is. Biologically we are distinguished and matchless in finger print, eye iris, voice, DNA and so on. No one can live our life story and our interpretations of it. Our families are unique.

Sometimes our uniqueness is not perceived as valuable to accomplish success but as a barrier to our dreams. We do not feel good enough and try to compare ourselves to our successful neighbor, smart coworker, outgoing sibling, or organized partner.Being unique is a gift to be celebrated rather than devalued by the presence of the other. You are fantastically and wonderfully made as King David the poet said. Look in the mirror. You are not perfect but you are extraordinary! There is no way to compare yourself with anyone else because you are unique. Your wonderful uniqueness makes you a Celebrity to the ones who love you! Celebrate it!