Young Professional Group: Referral Corner

I’ve been co-leading a group for young adults struggling with quarterlife crises for over two years now. With time I’ve become more sure in my belief that young professionals today face issues that previous generations did not face at a similar age. Young adults today are marrying later, living at home longer, making less money, and are less likely to be established in a meaningful job.

Most recently, I’ve been surprised at how this generation is simply exhausted so often. Those who are working work long hours, for low pay and often report that when they get off of work they’re too tired to do much else than curl up on the couch with a book or the TV. Don’t get me wrong, self care is very important, but at some point a cycle of work-exhaustion-self care can get in the way of larger goals, such as a career change, enrolling in graduate school, meeting new people, or finding a partner. Not having energy to pursue these larger goals contributes significantly to feelings of stagnation, defeat, depression, and anxiety.

The QuarterLife+10 therapy group allows single young adults to work on these and related issues in a safe and supportive environment, while also being in relationship with other young adults. Since single young adults often live away from their families and close loved-ones, this support network can be an important fulcrum in helping young adults leverage change, growth, and healing.