2 Upcoming Workshops for Relationships in January

Start Right Stay Connected:  1 Day Premarital Workshop  January 24

Whether you are preparing to be married, newly married or committing to a long-term relationship, you’ll want to Start Right and Stay Connected. Here is an opportunity for you to get the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the challenges of marriage. This is a one-day seminar intended to help your committed relationship last. We believe the smarter you start your partnership, the stronger your connection will be. You will learn: -to communicate effectively with your partner through a important relationship skill: the Imago Dialogue -why you pick the partners you do -what stage of relationship you’re in now and what to expect next -practical tools for dealing with your relationship hot buttons -ways to continue to nurture and grow your relationship and learn the five “Languages of Love” Start Right, Stay Connected is relationship education, not therapy, and includes lectures, demonstrations, couple’s dialogues and written exercises. There are many opportunities for group sharing, but the seminar emphasizes partners’ sharing privately with one another. You are not required to share anything with the group except for a brief introduction and closing.   To Register please go to:  http://www.imagocenterdc.com/events/start-right-stay-connected-premarital-workshop-01-2015/

Getting the Love You Want:  2 Day Workshop for Couples January 24-25

Getting The Love You Want Workshops are designed to help couples reconnect and successfully resolve conflict. The Getting The Love You Want Workshop is based on tested Imago counseling strategies that enable partners to discover mutual communication for every aspect of your relationship and strengthen bonds over time. The workshop addresses mental, emotional and physical needs and striking a long-lasting balance between you and your loved one.

As your relationship progresses, conflict, disagreements and power struggles result from obstacles in both your lives. Getting The Love You Want helps you and your partner approach these obstacles together with positivity, effective communication and acceptance. Couples in any stage of their relationship—married, engaged or dating—all can rediscover their partner and renew romance, commitment and appreciation.  This workshop is comparable to doing 6 months of counseling in a weekend.   To Register please go to http://www.imagocenterdc.com/events/getting-the-love-you-want-couples-weekend-workshop-01-2015/  or call Carl Siegel at 202-669-6417.