Keep the Connection

Going to school is a milestone in the lives of children. They enjoy the independence it brings and the excitement of new experiences and relationships. For some kids school is scary and they may or may not share their concerns, such as fear of separation, social anxiety, and making academic choices openly with their parents – sometimes they are not even aware of being fearful.

As the summer winds down and your children go back to school, keep the connection alive and even deepen it by asking daily two simple questions. In the morning ask, “How can I pray for you today?” Or, if you do not pray, ask, “What positive thoughts can I send your way as you go to school today?” Whatever your child tells you, make sure you offer a summary of what she said so she will feel heard. In the evening check back in by asking: “How was it?” “Did you feel my special thoughts or my prayers today?” Repeat back what you heard. Your child will feel cared for, develop a spiritual connection with you, and build up self awareness in order to know what to share.