Lena Derhally, MS, LPC

Lena Derhally is a licensed and Imago certified psychotherapist, a published writer, motivational speaker and podcaster. Her specialties include working with individual adults and couples in their 20’s-40’s on a wide range of relationship issues, workplace issues and trauma and difficult life transitions. She is also an expert on treating anxiety and panic attacks using cognitive behavioral, acceptance and commitment and solution focused therapy.  Lena also offers relationship coaching and anxiety coaching plans in addition to her psychotherapy services.

As a working parent with young children in a transient city, Lena is passionate about helping her clients find inner peace, self-confidence and balance in their lives. She believes in empowering her clients and giving them the tools to make healthy choices for themselves in all aspects of their lives.


Previously, Lena has worked in hospital settings in oncology and palliative care and with the homeless and mentally ill. In her spare time, Lena is an anti-war and social justice activist and devotes her time to advocating and raising money for the disenfranchised and survivors of war.  She is also a former improv comedienne and hip hop DJ.

Lena’s Imago work with couples focuses on the following:

  • Couples who are having trouble navigating conflict in a healthy way
  • Couples who want to work on communication skills
  • Couples at a crossroads in their relationship, deciding whether to move forward or go their separate ways
  • Couples who struggle with connection, intimacy and safety
  • Couples that are interested in understanding the deeper patterns and dynamics that are contributing to their issues
  • Premarital Counseling