Sessions with Bob and Lena: A Podcast

“Sessions with Bob and Lena” is a podcast with monthly episodes ranging from 30-40 minutes in length. Although we will explore a wide variety of topics related to psychology and wellness, our focus will be on relating: how we relate in the world individually and collectively with the goal of helping to create conscious, intentional relationships in the world.

Our first episode is “Rape Culture and Sexual Assault in 2017: How did we get here?”:

In the wake of rape and sexual allegations against Harvey Weinstein there has been a bigger conversation in the media about “rape culture.”

Although we don’t have all the answers, we hope to create a space for a productive discussion around this issue. We wanted to ask where this comes from? Has it always been here? Does this happen in other cultures outside the US? How does media and pop culture contribute to this?  At what age should we start talking to boys and girls about sexual assault and consent? What is different about how men and women perceive sex? Why do women “slut shame” other women? What is our collective responsibility in this and in preventing it?

Episode 1: Bob and Lena explore the many complexities of rape culture in 2017. How do history, culture and gender roles contribute? What is toxic masculinity vs. healthy masculinity? What about socialization and messages children receive? Do men and women experience sexuality differently? How does pop culture contribute to this? What is our collective responsibility in creating and preventing rape culture?

WARNING: sensitive and disturbing content is discussed.

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